Captain Sat sets the tone

The European Championship in women’s, freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling was held in Tbilisi. The Krasnoyarsk Territory was represented at these competitions by five athletes who won four medals.

Five athletes delegated by the Krasnoyarsk Territory to the European Championship is a worthy result in itself. But they are almost still returning with medals. An unfortunate misfire happened only once …

Representatives of the region were not only in women’s wrestling. Now, if Elena Vostrikova and Anna Polovneva won their finals at the Yarygin tournament, they would have gone to sunny Georgia. And they were very close to victory! By the way, Valeria Chepsarakova and Zhargalma Tsyrenova, who won them in Krasnoyarsk, won gold and silver respectively in Tbilisi. And in their place could be Krasnoyarsk athletes … Speaking of the women’s wrestling tournament, it is impossible to resist another portion of admiration for Natalia Vorobyova, who destroyed her rivals in her super-spectacular manner.

Freestyle wrestling brought Krasnoyarsk the main award: a gold medal in the 66 kg weight category, Opan Sat won, becoming a three-time European champion. Two months ago in Krasnoyarsk, he showed a very confident, very mature wrestling – perhaps the best of his career. He fought in the same manner in Georgia.

– The most difficult opponent was Olympic silver medalist Vladimir Khinchigashvili, with whom I fought in the semifinals, says Opan Sat. – I knew that the stands would root for him. The best fans in Tbilisi shouted specially prepared chants to support their athletes. I felt like I was at a football match! Therefore, I had to tune in very seriously and build the fight competently. At that time we did not have the gold of this European Championship yet, everyone hoped for me as the captain of the team. I felt extra responsibility, and for me this is a good incentive.

As expected, Sat’s fight turned out to be difficult: it came to a clinch, where the Krasnoyarsk man decided the fate of the fight. After the main competitor was beaten, the victory in the final over the Bulgarian athlete seemed to be something for granted.

“I saw my rival, Bulgarian Vladimir Dubov, for the first time at these competitions,” says Opan Sat. – But in the final I had everything under control. Yes, I didn’t take many points, but
did what was enough for the judge to raise my hand up.

Anzor Urishev (84 kg) felt ready to fight for the first place, and did not think about another result. But in the semifinals, he lost in a scandalous duel to the host of the competition, Dato Marsagishvili. 15 seconds before the end of the first period, the judges gave a point to the Georgian for Urishev’s passivity. Maybe Anzor was careful enough, but not more than his rival. The judge made a controversial decision in the second period as well. The protest of the Russian side was rejected, and Magomed Huseynov and Vladimir Modosyan, who were second to Urishev, received yellow cards from the referee. As the saying goes, Texas always wins in Texas. It’s a shame. As a result, Anzor Urishev won only a bronze medal. All in all, the Russian freestyle wrestlers have two gold medals. Besides Opan Sata, Aniuar Geduev (74 kg) won a convincing victory.

In Greco-Roman wrestling, the honor of Russia was defended by three Krasnoyarsk athletes at once. Unfortunately, Nikita Melnikov (96 kg) did not go well. In the opening match, in a difficult struggle, he beat the 2009 world champion Balash Kish, but in the next he lost to the Turk Chenk Ildem. He, in turn, lost in the next fight, thereby depriving Krasnoyarsk of the opportunity to compete for at least bronze.

Bekkhan Mankiev (55 kg) successfully reached the semifinals, where he again lost to Elbek Tazhiev from Belarus in a difficult three-round duel. Again – because it was Tazhiev who was the offender of Bekkhan at the 2011 World Cup. Then Mankiev got bronze, Tazhiev – silver. Now the Belarusian has stepped up a step, and Bekkhan remained with his own people. Of course, bronze is also a good result. But, according to the unanimous opinion of experts, the Krasnoyarsk athlete was capable of more.

The way to the prize pedestal was not easy for Adam Kurak (66 kg). After two relatively simple fights at the start, very serious rivals awaited him further. In the quarterfinals, he defeated the owner of the carpet, Manuchar Tskhaday, and in the semifinals, the Azerbaijani Khasan Aliyev. These two nervous three-round duels forced Adam to expend too much energy. And in the final he was awaited by a physically very strong athlete, Olympic silver medalist, Hungarian Tomas Lorints. And this superiority of Lorinz in physics was noticeable throughout the entire final. Adam looked a little upset about the silver. But he fought very well throughout the tournament – beautifully and effectively. Flint-wrestlers Roman Vlasov (74 kg) and Alexey Mishin (84 kg) won two classic gold medals for Russia.

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