Dmitry Mindiashvili: “Decorate your life with good deeds”

Today the great mentor of the great champions, the honored coach of everything in the world, the founder of the freestyle wrestling school in the Krasnoyarsk Territory Dmitry Mindiashvili agreed to play with us “in the alphabet”.

The conversation turned out to be, let’s say, philosophical. How else? Dmitry Georgievich, who has accomplished so much in life, who has seen and learned so much, who loves and appreciates this life so much, talks about the most important things.


We actually started from scratch. First a section was created, then a school – in 1973, a school of higher sportsmanship. After the successes of our guys, it turned into a wrestling academy. There are two or three of them all over the country. And now the best athletes of the region train here. And not only the regions – people come to us from all over the country. The Academy is our pride, the pride of the whole region.


This is a way of self-expression for every young person. Wrestling is the school of life. It is also a truly national sport. There is no other sport in the world that is also national for every nation.


Our first child, first son. Naturally – the first joy, the first love. We are proud of him. He’s great. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University, worked in many positions, and completed his service as the first deputy prosecutor of the city of Sochi with the rank of lieutenant colonel. He has three children and already two granddaughters.


This is my native land. My ancestors lie in it. Here I took the first steps in life, here I recognized what is good and what is bad, here for the first time I experienced the feeling of love. I love my homeland very much and I miss it all my life. Georgia will forever remain in the heart of every Georgian.


A person is considered complete when he has a family, a home, a purpose in life. Each person does everything for his home, for his hearth. This is where he is most happy.


This is my great-granddaughter. I call her Elena the Beautiful. She has such a photograph – everyone says that a postcard should be made of it. Little beauty. But the character is cool.


Interesting thing. It doesn’t need to be complicated. We must live in such a way as to adorn it with our presence, our good deeds. I am a believer, but I do not agree with those who believe that life in this world is not so important, that the most important thing is happening “on the other side”. Lovely people around us, beautiful nature, favorite work – this is the earthly paradise. And what will happen “there”, we will find out later.


This is a very good time. I am a mountaineer by origin, my ancestors are from the Khevsut mountains. And in winter there is a lot of snow, the kids can’t wait for it to come, when the first snow falls. They carry firewood there in sleighs and hay. So the Siberian frost does not scare me, Georgians are not afraid of frost at all.


The ancient name of Georgia. And Spain used to be called Iberia. This is the same. After some natural disaster, part of the Georgians moved to Spain, and there are many similarities between these peoples. There are many overlaps with Basque. I saw an airship there, on which it was written in large letters: MITO. That is my name. In total, I counted 150 Georgian words there. So the Basques are ancient Georgians.


A person is looking for beauty in everything. It is very important in sports as well. The beauty of wrestling is harder to understand and appreciate than in many other sports. You need to know and feel the struggle. After all, beautiful throws cannot be every second. You need to prepare this throw, get to know your opponent. And very often the beauty is not in the throw itself, but in this preparation. But how beautifully Ivan Yarygin fought! In Montreal, he finished the final battle against the American Erickson with a score of 26:19.


I love kind and fair people. And I teach my children to be kind. An unkind person can build houses, play the violin, win gold medals, but his deeds will not bring happiness to anyone. It won’t look, it won’t sound. And the same thing done by a kind person will sparkle with new colors. I love my wife, my children. I love Georgia and I love Russia. There I was born, and here I took place. Love is a God-given feeling. And the one who believes that there is no love is a poor man.


Every morning I get up, go to the portrait of my mother and say: “Thank you, mom, for giving me this life, for bringing up a person who can honestly look into the eyes of other people.” Mom is everything.


My grandmother also turned to heaven every day to help all people who needed it. And I ask the Almighty about the same.


That’s just not enough time for rest. I don’t remember when I was on vacation normally. Although many people think that this is stupid: even the iron gets tired, you need to restore your strength. I rest when I come home, where my wife, children, grandchildren meet me.


This may sound strange, but I almost get everything from what I have planned. Probably someone from above is helping. Although, of course, you yourself need to think with your head and move your hands. But you can’t do without luck. Mom said that I was born in a shirt. With my friends, with my team, I managed to achieve a lot. Nobody believed at one time when I said that we would have Olympic champions, that national and world championships would be held in Krasnoyarsk.


What brings joy to a person? A prosperous family, a job well done. And when a person is happy, he is happy.


When I first saw him, he was dead, what was the soul holding on to? But in the fight he was indomitable: they throw it – he gets up, does not give up. And I immediately said that he would be a great champion. And he is such a person that everything worked out well for him in all aspects of life. And what about sports results? Three-time Olympic champion, five times recognized as the best wrestler of the year, recognized as the best wrestler of the twentieth century. Moreover, he fought in a very difficult category, where there are always many participants. A great fighter and a good guy.


This is my wife, my two granddaughters are also called that. A very common name in Georgia. After the reign of Queen Tamar, it is believed that it brings happiness. When I met my future wife and found out that her name was also Tamara, I was generally happy. My Tamara gave me four children. She created all the conditions so that I could fully devote myself to work. Thanks her! It was given to me by God.


Success is very important for a person in life and in sports. But there is a Russian proverb: luck is the one who is lucky. That is, good luck will come to those who work tirelessly and completely surrender to their favorite work.


As a child, I started with football, and I really love football. In Georgia, everyone plays football and everyone fights. And, of course, this is a very entertaining sport. Yesterday until morning I watched the England – Italy match. What a tense fight, what a beauty of football! At the same time, football is a very accessible sport, football rules are available to every fan. This makes the spectators complicit in the match.


There is such a song. “You remember, sonny, golden words: bread is the head of everything, bread is the head of everything.” Bread is life. For his sake, people fought in wars. Bread is more important than any gold, any weapon.


Circus is an amazing art that will never get old or bored. Here’s how, for example, a fragile woman manages to command powerful terrible beasts? I try not to miss new programs in our circus and always get a lot of impressions. It’s a whole world. And, of course, the circus is the place where our outstanding wrestlers showed their art: Ivan Poddubny, Ivan Zaikin, Ivan Shemyakin. Performing in circus arenas, they glorified Russia.


In my philosophy, this is one of the most important concepts and qualities. Only an honest person can calmly look people in the eye.


Well, what happens without humor, without a good joke? Among my friends and students there are many people who know how to joke well. Zaur Botayev, Sergey Vitkovsky. As they say – not in the eyebrow, but in the eye. But Yuri Astafyev, alas, who left us, could in a few seconds grasp the most characteristic features of a person and immediately draw an accurate and funny caricature.


I don’t have much time to watch TV. But I try not to miss newscasts and political programs. I also really like historical films. In general, the whole story fascinates me, and I mostly read books on this topic.


I like a variety of soups. And when my wife pours my soup into a plate, I ask her: more soup.


Ivan Yarygin holds a special place in my heart. This is joy, this is pride, this is pain. Unfortunately, there are few such people – honest, responsible and kind.
He was ready to embrace the whole world. The real personification of the Russian person.

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