Dmitry Mindiashvili: “They’re coming to us for the school of wrestling”

President of the Wrestling Academy – about the international Eurasian center, the Russian championship and what the Krasnoyarsk wrestlers lack.

In Krasnoyarsk, on the basis of the Wrestling Academy , the FILA International Eurasian Center is being created, which was officially announced during the Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix. We are talking about this fateful decision with the President of the Wrestling Academy, Honored Coach of Russia Dmitry Mindiashvili.

Dmitry Georgievich, what exactly does the creation of the FILA International Eurasian Center mean for Krasnoyarsk?

– This is the first such center under sponsored by FILA. And it was created not in Iran, not in Turkey, not somewhere else, but here, in Krasnoyarsk. This is already a high prestige. What will this give our athletes? A wrestler cannot grow without quality sparring. He must feel, feel a strong rival … So this is of great importance for the athletic growth of our guys. The best of the best will come to us. Five Japanese are coming right now. Fifteen Mongols. Three Iranians want to come. They will train here, and many of them also want to study at our universities. On a paid basis, of course. They will receive practice on the carpet, learn the theory at the institute. We can provide both. What is important, we will get these excellent sparring sessions without our own costs: we are not going somewhere – they are coming to us.

Are the Academy’s capabilities currently sufficient to accept a large number of students?

– Of course, a new infrastructure is needed to create an international center in Krasnoyarsk. FILA President Rafael Martinetti also spoke about this. Today we are not ready to receive these athletes with high quality. We have no hotel or hostel. Students get a job in private apartments, but this is not a way out. What are they doing there? We cannot control. And we are responsible for them.

Second question. We don’t have a game room. And we play football, basketball, volleyball almost every day. We have to go to the Island of Rest, but even there we cannot always get time.

And, of course, the Academy itself is already too tight for our wrestlers. Up to 60 people are engaged in one shift. There can be no quality work here. It’s a fight! I wrote the “Encyclopedia of Freestyle Wrestling Techniques.” There are 500 techniques and countermeasures. All this must be passed. And the coach should approach each athlete 20 times per workout. And how will he be in time if he has 60 people on the carpet? And judokas do not have a normal hall at all …

Who and where should build these objects? To comply with the status …

– The Governor several times gave a verbal promise that he would give us the Lokomotiv stadium. On the territory of the stadium, it would be possible to complete the construction of a game room with a rehabilitation center. This would be a good solution. But some are afraid that we will seize the stadium and not let anyone there. And there is no such thing in my thoughts. Let the boxers do there, let the rugby players play – we’ll only be glad. But we need to be the owners there. I’m used to answering if I took up something. If this is not done, then as we were given the status of a center of struggle, so it will be taken away. Although there are a lot of people willing to come to us. They come to us for the school of struggle. We have excellent coaching staff, methods, science. We have made a sports medical center. We used to go to Moscow to examine an athlete. Now everyone – from the Far East to the Urals – is coming to us. This is it. Our Academy is actually a center anyway; people came to us to study anyway. This served as the basis for the formal granting of the status of an international center. But the infrastructure we talked about is missing.

Suppose you are given a Lokomotiv. But its reconstruction will require significant funds.

– The Minister of Sports Vitaly Mutko himself took part in the opening of the center, so the federal ministry will take part in the financing. Thanks to our governor Lev Kuznetsov, who in December personally went to a meeting with the minister in our center. In addition, we are ready to attract investors. Everything is possible. The main thing is to resolve the issue politically.

This year Krasnoyarsk will host the Russian freestyle wrestling championship. Will you prepare for it in any particular way? Or is there no great need for this: the experience of holding Yarygin tournaments has been accumulated enormous?

– As for the organizational part, there will be some peculiarities. This championship is timed to the 40th anniversary of the Krasnoyarsk freestyle wrestling school. Well, and my anniversary (on June 4, Dmitry Georgievich will turn 80 years old – editor’s note). In this regard, the program will be broader. Now we are preparing the script. When it comes to training athletes, we always take it seriously. Yes, this is a special case: both the anniversary of the school, and we are fighting at home – we need to please our Krasnoyarsk residents. But the anniversary is the anniversary, and the competition is the competition. It is necessary that one does not interfere with the other, but, on the contrary, complements. This is the task.

How would you rate the results of the last Yarygin tournament?

– Two gold medals, two silver, six bronze – we can say that this is a successful performance. But I often cite this example. Ivan Yarygin in 1972 confidently won the Olympic Games in Munich. But I gave him a “three” for these Games. After each fight, I asked him a question: what did you not do today? He answered, they say, this and that. What did I achieve by this? It is necessary that the athlete does not limit himself to today’s result. Even the champion needs to be taken apart. What reserve does it still have, how to use it? From this point of view, I would rate the performance of the Krasnoyarsk team as “three with a minus”.

Some wrestlers performed below their capabilities, did not show their character. After all, sometimes you can lose, but you can slap your opponent so that he can barely carry his feet off the carpet. I didn’t see that. But I think everything will be fine. Now I will also be involved in preparations for the Russian Championship. I’ll just finish the lesson plans for the next three camps. Every night until four o’clock I write – they do not allow me to work during the day. We will prepare according to these very detailed plans

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