Kasumov is a two-time winner of the Yaryginsky tournament

At the Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix, the Krasnoyarsk team won three medals.

On the third day of the Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix, three sets of medals. All the gold went to Russian athletes, and Israil Kasumov from Krasnoyarsk became a two-time winner of the tournament. Many people placed bets on this tournament on the Parimatch bookmaker’s website, where you can place bets and live bets not only on fights but, for example, on football https://parimatch.co.tz/sw/football/live.

Injuries hit the leaders

At first everything went like a knurled one. The favorites of the 65 kg category – Ilyas Bekbulatov, Magomed Kurbanaliev and Israil Kasumov – won victory after victory. The semi-finals pitted Ilyas Bekubalatov and Krasnoyarsk player Israil Kasumov against each other. Kasumov, who remained the hosts’ last hope for a gold medal in the men’s part of the program, won, and Bekbulatov was injured in this fight and did not come out to fight for a bronze medal. Kurbanaliev defeated the Mongol Mandakhnaran Ganzhorig, but for the last couple of minutes he was fighting with a broken leg! There was no question of going to the final in such a state. As a result, Israil Kasumov became the winner, who won the Yaryginsky tournament for the second time (for the first time – two years ago).

This medal was the third for the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Earlier, Yulia Prontsevich won gold and Viktor Lebedev won bronze.

In the absence of leaders

The weight category up to 70 kg is not Olympic. It is clear that in the year of the Rio Games, many ambitious athletes tried to compete in other categories. Thus, the world champion Magomedrasul Gadzhimagomedov “got heavier”, while Israil Kasumov, on the contrary, “felt better”. Therefore, this category was not very representative – a chance for young people to declare themselves. Zaurbek Sidakov succeeded in this, who in a stubborn struggle defeated Husey Sunchev. The final fight ended with a score of 2: 2, but Sirakov won due to a more “expensive” action.

Beautiful dot

The weight category up to 97 kg was the only one where someone could press the Russians. Some are Americans, world champion Kyle Snyder and Olympic champion Jacob Warner. Snyder did not reach the final, but he confidently won the bronze medal match. Anzor Boltukaev and Jacob Varner met in the decisive battle. The American won the first period – 2: 0. But in the second period, Anzor managed to grab the American by the belt, throw, and even turn over. And already on the flag, he caught the opponent on a counterattack and finished the bout with a beautiful 4-point throw. A worthy point in the whole tournament!

To the results of the tournament

There can be no unequivocal assessment, just as any such large-scale event cannot have one. Probably, I wanted all the leaders of the national team to come to the tournament. But we must understand that in the Olympic year, the leading athletes have their own training schedules. And among women, the leading Russian women were missing due to the fact that the Yarygin tournament coincided in time with the pre-Olympic tournament in Brazil. But there were a lot of bright touches anyway!

Defeat Kaori Icho. Well, this, excuse me, is an event in scale, like the defeat of Alexander Karelin. You also need to figure out how to live with it at all. Because there is a feeling that the whole world order has collapsed. Just like then.

And the crazy, furious struggle in the 61 kg weight category among men, where in the first two fights two world champions jumped out of the fight for gold? And what about the most beautiful, exquisite victories in the finals of Irie Yuki and Inna Trazhukova, Alexander Bogomoev and Anzor Boltukaev?

As for the performance of Krasnoyarsk people. Two gold and one bronze – it seems a little. But there is definitely no sense of failure. I was surprised by the unimportant form of Viktor Lebedev. But he is clearly betting on the Russian championship, which will be held in Yakutsk, in his homeland. An impressive Yakut delegation of fans always arrives at tournaments in Krasnoyarsk, who support their own especially well. It’s even scary to imagine what will happen in Yakutsk. I really wanted to see how Olga Khoroshavtseva would perform in the rank of last year’s winner, but she was already injured in the second fight … This is annoying. And from the inspiring one – an excellent, very adult fight of very young Kezhik Chymba and Yuri Vlasko. The fight continues …

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