Overthrowing the minions

Krasnoyarsk is rightfully considered one of the trendsetters in the national freestyle wrestling. The most prestigious Grand Prix Ivan Yarygin gathers the best wrestlers of Russia and the world in our city every year. They trusted the city on the Yenisei to hold such large-scale competitions as the championship and the World Cup, but the Russian freestyle wrestling championship in Krasnoyarsk was held for the first time. Athletes not only fought for the title of the strongest in their weight categories, but also determined those who would stand up for the honor of the fatherland at the upcoming world championship.

The hopes of Krasnoyarsk people for gold were quite reasonable … Opan Sat, Anzor Urishev and Yuri Belonovsky have long been among the elite wrestlers in Russia. But at the national championships there is crazy competition: in any weight category there are three or even four favorites, each of which is a real contender for first place.

I must say that the new rules have significantly increased the entertainment of matches on the carpet. Now the fighters do not sit out in defense, hoping for the enemy’s mistake or the favor of the lot. You will not attack, you will receive a warning for being passive and you will lose, so even those who have always preferred a defensive fighting style have to invent something new in order to outwit their opponents, be stronger and faster.

From Opan Sat, threefold champion of Europe, everyone was waiting for gold. But it didn’t work out. In its weight category, the fight for medals was prohibitive. Any of the top-ranked tournament winners would claim first place. As a result, a bronze medal.

Winning the Russian championship is sometimes more difficult than the world championship and even the Olympics, so we will not judge Sata strictly. The most titled wrestler of the competition, Besik Kudukhov, was also content with the bronze.

Anzor Urishev lost in the decisive fight to the Dagestani Shamil Kudiyamagomedov. They say that in sports the most offensive places are the second and fourth, so it is easy to understand the feelings of Anzor, who did not have enough to reach the highest step of the podium.

Another hope of ours, Yuri Belonovsky, remained behind the prize-winners. In the battle for bronze, he met with the Olympic champion, the winner of the world and European championships and (attention!) The seven-time champion of Russia Khadzhimurad Gatsalov. In a stubborn fight, Gatsalov won, but Yuri should not be ashamed of his performance, except for Gatsalov, he lost only to the champion of the championship, Arsen Boltukaev.

It was rather unexpected that Krasnoyarsk player Mukhamazin Magomedov got into the top three. He won a bronze medal in the heaviest category – 120 kg.

In general, this championship was a real breakthrough for many athletes. Sensations happened in almost all categories. Young people, many of whom had the title of masters of sports and only, confidently dealt with the most experienced wrestlers, champions of Europe, the world and the Olympic Games. When asked why the favorites Sat and Urishev, Kudukhov, Gatsalov and Gadisov did not make it to gold, the two-time Olympic champion, vice-president of the Russian Wrestling Federation Arsen Fadzaev answered:

– Nothing there is nothing terrible in the defeats of honored fighters. But, definitely, an alarm bell sounded for them, young people are stepping on their heels and, if the right conclusions are not made, it will be incredibly difficult to regain the lost positions. The reasons for what happened lie on the surface. They are individual for each fighter. I will highlight the following: they have not fully mastered the realities of the new rules, mistakes were made in preparation, but it is better to ask them and their personal trainers about this, they delayed returning to the competitive rhythm after the Olympic Games, well, age, you cannot get away from it. It has always been and will be so. Mature wolves are always replaced by young ones, more angry and hungry for victories.

– On the one hand, I am upset, – Viktor Alekseev, the senior coach of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in freestyle wrestling, shared his impressions. – We did not manage to win a single gold medal. On the other hand, I was pleased with Magomedov’s speech. At the Grand Prix of Ivan Yarygin and the Siberian Federal District, he did not make it into the top three, but it was clear that the guy was growing, and he was very glad that he managed to win bronze. As for Sata and Urishev, their results have different reasons. Firstly, Opan had an incredibly difficult grid, he had to fight five times, all with very high level wrestlers. Secondly, during the preparation, they simply pulled him up, the same flight to the USA for a friendly match was not needed at all. Nevertheless, I am sure that Sat will still show himself and it is too early to write off him. Urishev has a different story. Anzor defends brilliantly, he is one of the best in Russia in defensive actions, and he failed to adapt to the end to the new rules, in the final his young rival took a chance and won, all that remains is to train and work harder in order to continue to delight fans with victories and awards of the highest dignity.

According to the results of the Russian championship, the winners will compete for the honor of the national team at the Universiade in Kazan, and the first place gives the right to compete in the world championship, but the final decision remains with the coaching advice, so Krasnoyarsk athletes still have chances get to the championship of the planet.

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