Place of power of Ivan Yarygin

Among the picturesque rocky mountains on the right bank of the Yenisei, between the Sizaya and Golubaya rivers, lies the taiga village of Sizaya – the small homeland of the legendary wrestler Ivan Yarygin.

We went to the southernmost village of the Shushensky region as part of a press tour organized by the Union of Journalists of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in conjunction with the Dmitry Mindiashvili Wrestling Academy. The event was the first in a series of other events dedicated to the memorable date – November 7 marks the 70th anniversary of the birth of the first Olympic champion of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

In the photographs, the Yarygin family: in the center are parents Sergey Nikolaevich and Evdokia Pavlovna, at the top of the center is Ivan, then in a circle to the right, the eldest son Nikolai, then Gennady, Vasily, Galina, Alexander, Nadezhda, Lyubov, Lyudmila and Nikolai.

We settled not far from the place where the Yarygins’ house once stood, next to Mount Ugly. The house has not survived, it was demolished, now new dwellings are located on this territory.

– It so happened that the place of the Yarygins is not marked in any way, there is only a well, and nothing else, – says Lyubov Akulich (Yarygina), sister of the legendary wrestler, director of the Ivan Yarygin museum. – We constantly go to this mountain, once Ivan loved to rest and work here. Sometimes he climbed to the top with Natasha, putting her on his shoulders. Such was the training he had. And we followed them up, rested there, right at the very top.

There are 97 steps leading to the temple that Ivan Yarygin built in memory of his mother Evdokia Yarygina.

“Nest” on the cliff

The Church of the Holy Great Martyr Evdokia, which Ivan built in memory of his mother Evdokia Yarygina, rises above Siza – as if it soars. If you look at the church from above, you get the feeling that this is a nest on a cliff. A staircase of 97 steps leads to it.

– The Church was not built here by chance, – says Lyubov Sergeevna. – Grandmothers always prayed at this place, including mother Evdokia Pavlovna. She was a deeply believing Christian, she read prayers herself and taught us all to do this. When mom was buried, they walked from the cemetery, and Vanya says: “I will build a chapel here.” We asked: “Wan, but where?” Ivan, pointing his hand in this direction, said: “Look, how much space! There they are – our melons! Previously, melons and watermelons were grown here. ”

Ivan, although he did not assume that fate gave him such a short time on this land, he was in such a hurry to build a temple, used any free minute. Friends, relatives, relatives, villagers helped him build the church. For two years he himself was engaged in its construction, for another two years his relatives and friends were completing the construction. On the territory of the temple there is a memorial stone where the names of people who contributed to the construction of the church are carved.

The temple was built according to the layout of Areg Demirkhanov. When Areg Sarkisovich showed Ivan Yarygin what the temple would look like, the Olympic champion shed tears, so he liked the church.

– The Church bears the name of Saint Evdokia – Princess of Moscow, wife of Dmitry Donskoy, and in memory of our mother, – explains Lyubov Akulich. – We, museum workers, are meticulous people and got to the bottom of the following information. Princess Evdokia of Moscow had ten children, she was a widow for 17 years. Our mother is a simple woman, but she also has ten children, and she was a deeply religious Christian and always helped people. She went to Minusinsk to the church, helped to whitewash, paint, wash there. Mom gathered people in her house for Epiphany and dreamed of a church. And Ivan fell for it. As a result, a wonderful temple was erected.

The church was built of Montenegrin bricks, faced with marble quarried near Siza.

– Our land is blessed, and not because I serve here, – confesses Father Vasily, the rector of the temple. – Even when I served in Shushenskoye and Minusinsk, this temple has always been marked with special grace, it bears the seal of God’s beauty. Not only the temple itself is conducive to prayer, but also the place. You go inside the church, there you want to glorify God, you leave the church – and here, too, you immediately pay attention to the greatness of God, how the Lord creates such beauty. Of course, this is a common property. And everyone who comes here always remembers our church later, many return here again and again.

The relatives of Ivan Yarygin are planning to equip the territory near the spring, where the great fighter liked to rest.

Ivanov key

The villagers of Sizoy noticed that Ivan Yarygin loved to be on the key that hits near the church. Ivan sat down, put his feet into the key and rested.

– The taiga helped him to draw strength, – says the Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling, a friend of Ivan Yarygin, Alexei Shumakov. – Here he rested with his soul.

In the Year of Ecology, schoolchildren from the village of Sizoi and Shushenskoye cleared this key of debris and officially named the place “Ivanov Key”. Now it is another point of attraction for tourists.

A monument to Ivan Yarygin is erected in the courtyard of the school in Sizoy.

– Many come here to relax, play next to the playground, – says Lyubov Akulich. “I think that in the future we will probably issue all the necessary documentation on this land and equip a children’s playground here. Because Vanya grew up on melons, played football. In the taiga, he rested and worked, he loved to engage in peasant labor. I went for berries, mushrooms and nuts with pleasure. Well, his favorite pastime was fishing. Grayling is still caught here.

The Ivan Yarygin Museum contains the spinning rod of the great fighter, and no one except Ivan could cope with it. Spinning length 12 meters!

Three schoolchildren can easily fit into one T-shirt of Ivan Yarygin: the height of the Olympic champion was 193 centimeters, weight 100 kilograms.

One T-shirt for three

The opening of the Ivan Yarygin Moscow School and the Museum, which occupies a separate wing of the educational institution, took place in 1999.

– Our school is wonderful, – says Lyubov Akulich. – It was about such a school that Ivan dreamed, he always visited his teachers and said: “As soon as I get on my feet, I will definitely build a school here.” I chose the place for the school myself. Our village stretches for five kilometers on the right bank of the Yenisei. Vanya chose the middle of Sizoi, because the Yarygins went to school three and a half kilometers away. Ivan dreamed of a school of physical beauty and spiritual joy, and so it happened. The Moscow government rendered us great help in its construction, for which we are very grateful. Therefore, the name of the school is like that.

In the museum, Lyubov Akulich tells what natural decorative stones Yarygin’s small homeland is rich in, next to the founder of the wrestling academy Dmitry Mindiashvili and the Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling Alexei Shumakov.

A tour of the museum begins with an exposition of sports awards for young athletes who are equal to their famous countryman. Well, then everything that concerns the Yarygin family and the Olympic champion himself. These are documents of Ivan Yarygin, his medals, cups. The huge Olympic suit is impressive. And rural children admit that Ivan Yarygin’s T-shirt can fit three or even more children at once. Ivan Yarygin’s “sports simulators” are surprising – they are also tools: a seven-bucket bag for carrying berries and fish, a scythe, a sledgehammer and an anvil, a cleaver. The household items of the Yarygin family are of no less size – a huge frying pan, two-bucket cast iron, a brazier. Many interesting photos. The footage shows Ivan’s sports victories and joyful family moments of his life.

– It’s good that Ivan Yarygin’s relatives are working in the museum, – says Lyubov Sergeevna. – This is interesting, and the information we give is not distorted. When a museum has the same name, it is very difficult to collect exhibits, there are few of them. During Ivan’s lifetime, exhibits were collected only by his friend Yuri Ivanov, a writer-publicist, and he was also the initiator of the creation of the museum. Well, when he himself was no longer able to pull all this, he asked me. The main activity of the museum is to receive visitors. We have a plan of 7,500 visitors a year, but we are gaining about 13,000. There are interest clubs at the museum, we conduct thematic lessons.

Two giants, two-time Olympic champions: L. Tediashvili and I. Yarygin. Ivan won!

Always with me

The mentor of Ivan Yarygin, the best coach of the 20th century, Dmitry Mindiashvili, was strongly advised by doctors to stay in Krasnoyarsk and not go on a press tour. However, Dmitry Georgievich, despite the bans of doctors, still went to Sizuya to meet with journalists and villagers, as well as to attend the screening of the documentary film “Ivan Yarygin’s Trail”, which was filmed by the creative team of the Union of Journalists of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in 2017. In addition, a presentation of the film about Dmitry Mindiashvili himself – “On the carpet of life” took place.

– I always have the feeling that Ivan is alive, that he is always there, to such an extent he sits in my heart, – Dmitry Mindiashvili admitted. – I constantly tell everyone that I am a happy person, because we once met with Ivan, that he was with me and now remains with me. Many here today thanked me for instilling in him sports skills. But the fact is that everything from his mother, from nature, sat in him – all those qualities that a normal person needs, which every parent should strive for. To bring up such honest, humble, reliable and selfless people. Ivan has absorbed all the best. It was so predetermined by fate that we united – a Siberian and a Georgian. As for the technical and tactical actions that Ivan taught, I copied them from myself, I gave him everything that I can do myself, how I fought. I instilled in him my school.

Authentic things of the Yarygin family.

The event was attended by the chairman of the Union of Journalists of Russia Vladimir Solovyov, who arrived in the Krasnoyarsk Territory for the Yenisei.RF media forum, which starts in Krasnoyarsk on August 3.

– A very good initiative of the Union of Journalists of the Krasnoyarsk Territory to make such a film about the legendary wrestler and his great mentor, – Vladimir Solovyov shared his impressions of the meeting. – We will develop and support such stories.

Favorite – Anya, Seryozha and Natasha.

“Our journalists rightly noted that Dmitry Hvorostovsky is the voice of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, and Ivan Yarygin is the force,” stressed Dmitry Golovanov, Chairman of the Union of Journalists of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. – We have Surikov’s artistic heritage and Astafiev’s literary heritage, the region is rich in talented people. And the memory of great people should be. So the idea to make a film was born, it was discussed on the Pillars on the path along which Ivan Yarygin used to run. At the same time, the initiative to name the path in the name of our great compatriot appeared. ”

The residents of the village of Sizaya, who were present at the screening of the film, enthusiastically shared their impressions of the meeting and watching the film.

– We, fellow villagers and classmates of Ivan Yarygin, want to say that Ivan was lucky, he pulled out as a lottery ticket such a coach who led him through life and made him the champion of the Olympic Games, – said Nadezhda Bulanova, classmate of Ivan Yarygin. – Thank you, Dmitry Georgievich, great! Ivan is our pride. We studied together with him, and we are grateful that an ordinary simple guy, with your help and support, was able to achieve such heights. We called him Vanya Solntsev, he was such a redhead, tall, healthy, he never offended us, girls, and in general was distinguished by the breadth of his soul and his kindness.

On August 2, at 11.00 in Krasnoyarsk, on the Pillars, a memorial stone on the Ivan Yarygin Trail will be opened, as well as a race of journalists and athletes.

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