The hosts reached four finals

The international freestyle wrestling tournament for the prizes of the three-time Olympic champion Buvaysar Saytiev gathered athletes born in 2002-04 in the city on the Yenisei. And also he gathered many bets on bookmaker sites such as Parimatch.

More than two hundred young wrestlers from different parts of Russia, as well as from Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan gathered in Krasnoyarsk. The cultural program of the event was decorated with a joint performance of the Krasnoyarsk State Academic Dance Ensemble of Siberia named after Mikhail Godenko and the State Dance Ensemble “Vainakh” from Chechnya.

Unfortunately, this time Buvaysar Saitiev himself could not come to the tournament. But everyone could visit the exhibition dedicated to the legendary athlete. Here one could learn about Saitiev’s sports feats, see rare photographs, and also take part in a quiz and get prizes for correct answers.

The technical delegate at the tournament was a judge from Belarus, bronze medalist of the World Championship and the Olympic Games in Greco-Roman wrestling Valery Tsilen ‘, who noted the high level of organization of the competition:

– The whole world knows that the Krasnoyarsk Territory is famous for its victorious traditions in wrestling. The tournament for the prizes of Buvaysar Saytiev is very strong in terms of the composition of the participants. Very well equipped sportsmen perform here. This tournament is a summing up of the results of the year. And for athletes it is a good opportunity to test themselves once again in international class fights. The organization of the tournament is at the highest level. Not every international tournament can boast of being held in such good conditions.

If in competitions among adults it is always possible to determine favorites in advance, then in the fights of such young wrestlers everything is quite unpredictable. And yet, numerous spectators hoped very much for the successful performance of the hosts. In the 58 kg weight category, the victory was celebrated by Anton Suchkov from Krasnoyarsk, who was very happy with his victory:

– I managed to win due to persistent training, support from loved ones, and, of course, native walls played a role. I had four contractions, all of them were not easy. It was very difficult in the semifinals. Here I was opposed by another representative of the Krasnoyarsk Territory national team – Maxim Zaitsev. It was difficult, because we have known him for a long time and have met more than once at competitions. We studied each other. This time I managed to win. In the final he fought against the Kemerovo resident Maxim Moiseev. Here I won more confidently. I am very glad to win, because this is my first international tournament. I remember the atmosphere, the stands actively supported me and other fighters of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Buvaysar Saytiev is an example for me. It is a great honor for me to win his tournament.

The rest of the athletes of the Krasnoyarsk Territory did not manage to reach the highest step of the podium. Yes, the hosts reached the finals three more times, but in them their rivals showed a more mature fight. The Krasnoyarsk Roman Vasiliev was close to the gold medal, reaching the final in the heaviest category of the tournament (100 kg). In the decisive battle, he met with the Kemerovo resident Mikhail Zinov and lost in a stubborn struggle. The Kemerovo resident celebrated the victory stormily. But the boys who suffered defeats in this tournament were very upset. Some even cry. Still, too much effort was devoted to preparing for the tournament, and sometimes the athletes could not contain their emotions.

Saveliy Ignatiev from Krasnoyarsk (85 kg), who lost to Kazakh Omar Medov, also failed to win in the final. By the way, this was the only category in which the victory was celebrated not by the representative of Russia.

According to the results of two days of the tournament, the athletes of the Krasnoyarsk Territory won eight medals in ten weight categories. Gold was won by Anton Suchkov (58 kg). Silver went to Zaur Mamedov (69 kg), Savely Ignatiev (85 kg) and Roman Vasiliev (100 kg). Bronze medals were won by Daniil Markushin (42 kg), Magomed Galaev (46 kg), Abubakr Shukurov (76 kg), Dmitry Velev (85 kg).

Athletes from Chechnya won the most medals of the highest standard in this tournament. They climbed three times to the highest step of the podium. In each category, the athlete received a certificate for the first place in the amount of 50 thousand rubles, for the second – 30, for the third – 15, the winner’s coach received 10 thousand rubles. It should be noted that neither in Russia nor in the world there are analogues of such a significant prize fund at youth freestyle wrestling competitions.

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