There is such a tradition – to touch Saitiev!

Now it is difficult to imagine that this grandiose sports festival was once an event of only a regional scale – an open wrestling championship of the Soviet district. However, much in this life starts small. The IX International Youth Freestyle Wrestling Tournament for the prizes of the three-time Olympic champion Buvaysar Saytiev, which ended in our city, became a record in terms of the number of both participants and spectators: 348 wrestlers, six thousand fans!

The tournament was traditionally attended by youth teams from cities and regions of Russia, as well as foreign wrestling teams. Athletes from Germany, Iran, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Buryatia, Dagestan, Yakutia, Tuva, Khakassia, the Chuvash Republic came to compete for prizes in Krasnoyarsk.

The organizers of the tournament are sure that the opening ceremony of the tournament will surely remain in the memory of athletes and guests. The stage action involved the best creative teams of the city, many technical workers who provided a unique entertainment part of the sports show.

The unity and struggle of two colors, blue and red, the main colors of the wrestling uniform, became the main theme of the large-scale and spectacular performance presented at the opening of the tournament. But nevertheless, the main action, of course, was what then happened on three wrestling mats, spread out under the arches of the Ivan Yarygin Sports Palace.

Naturally, the tournament was opened by Buvaysar Saytiev himself, whose appearance on the platform was met by the hall enthusiastic roar.

Wrestlers have a sign: touching a champion brings good luck in a duel. Saitiev greeted the athletes-representatives of all ten national teams with a handshake, who followed him onto the stage. The procedure, admittedly, is lengthy, but such is the tradition of the tournament.

“For Krasnoyarsk, wrestling is not just a sport,” admits one of the honorable guests of the tournament, First Deputy Mayor of the city Viktor Shevchenko. – This is our visiting card, because regularly all the highest pedestals in Russia, Europe and the world are occupied by Krasnoyarsk athletes as well. And such names as Dmitry Mindiashvili, Ivan Yarygin, Buvaysar Saytiev are known to the whole world without any explanation. At the suggestion of Buvaysar Saytiev, young wrestlers, participants of the ninth tournament, which received an international status, are taking to the carpets today. They go out to achieve the highest results – in sports, in life. And I am very glad that the Saitiev tournaments are already bringing such results. For example, Nikita Sachkov, who, by the way, will also perform today, was an ordinary participant in the previous tournament, now he is already the champion of Russia, the winner of the European Championship. So everything is in the hands of the athletes!

On the second day of the tournament, master classes were held for participants and young Krasnoyarsk athletes. Olympic champion Khadzhimurad Magomedov, world champion Viktor Alekseev, European champion and World Cup winner Zaur Botayev, three-time European champion Opan Sat, winner of the Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix tournament Yuri Belonovsky shared their skills.

By the way, the owners not only the athletes were able to win the tournament awards. During the fights, a lot of valuable prizes provided by the Buvaysar Saytiev Foundation for the Support of Young Athletes were raffled among the spectators. Cameras, telephones, e-books, telephones and many other memorable awards were awarded to guests who attended this sporting event.

We would like to emphasize that the prize fund of the tournament amounted to over a million rubles. The wrestlers who took the first places received one and a half thousand dollars. Those who climbed to the second place of the podium were awarded $ 800, the cash prize for the third place was $ 500. $ 300 – this was the monetary award for the coaches of the absolute winners of the Saitiev tournament. Absolutely all participants were presented with certificates, personally signed by Buvaysar Saytiev. In memory of participation in these status competitions, each wrestler was presented with souvenirs with the tournament symbols.

Absolute winners of the IX International Youth Freestyle Wrestling Tournament for the prizes of Buvaysar Saytiev:

35 kg Musa MEKHTIKHANOV, Russia (Dagestan)
38 kg Anton YAKIMENKO, Russia (Krasnoyarsk Territory)
42 kg Ryskeldi ASKANBAEV, Kazakhstan
46 kg Gulomjon ABDULLAEV, Uzbekistan
50 kg Ahmed MAZHIDOV , Russia (Dagestan)
54 kg Zandanbud ZANABAZAR, Mongolia
58 kg Dinislam ADZHIEV, Russia (Dagestan)
63 kg Bayyr ONDAR, Russia (Krasnoyarsk Territory)
69 kg Nikita SUCHKOV, Russia (Krasnoyarsk region)
76 kg Atsamaz KOZYREV, Russia (KhMAO)
85 kg Khabib ABDULLAEV, Russia (KhMAO)
100 kg Eric TIEL, Germany
120 kg Semyon KOLOMIYTSEV, Russia (Krasnoyarsk region)

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