Viktor Alekseev: “We will try to make the Yaryginsky tournament more colorful in a Siberian way”

The official dates of the XXVIII International freestyle wrestling tournament among men and women of the Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix series have been determined: it will be held in Krasnoyarsk from January 27 to 29.

The head coach of the national freestyle wrestling team of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Viktor Alekseev, Honored Master of Sports, shared with “STADION” about the preparations for this grandiose wrestling event USSR, two-time world champion, honored coach of Russia, honorary citizen of Krasnoyarsk.

– The dates of the next Grand Prix “Ivan Yarygin” have been officially announced, but what can you say about the progress of recruiting the wrestling team that will represent our city, region at this tournament?

– Among the Krasnoyarsk wrestlers there are members of the Russian national team, who today can confidently be ranked among the specific participants in the upcoming tournament. I would like to note that just recently we performed with dignity at the Russian Cup and became the owners of this trophy. And this means that the winners of these cup competitions – both in individual and team scoring – also received the right to be selected, and their candidacies will also be considered. Following the Cup of Russia, our freestyle wrestlers will perform at one more competitions: on the eve of the Grand Prix “Ivan Yarygin”, January 13-15, the Open Championship of the Dmitry Mindiashvili Wrestling Academy will be held. It is clear that the winners of these competitions will also be included in the list of candidates. So the final composition of the national team of the Krasnoyarsk Territory will be fully formed a little later, after analyzing the results of the performances and considering all the applicants.

– At the last Grand Prix “Ivan Yarygin” the Russian national team was represented by 193 wrestlers. Will the quantitative composition of the national team of the country change at the current tournament and how many of our fellow countrymen will be represented in it?

– Some changes in the national team, of course, will follow, which is understandable – now there is a change of generations. As for the quantitative composition of the Russian national team, it will remain approximately the same. Among our compatriots, who will represent the Krasnoyarsk Territory at the tournament, athletes already well-known to the Krasnoyarsk fans will perform. I am sure that the audience will also appreciate our wrestling youth, which will be represented at the Grand Prix by several people at once. Let me emphasize that, despite their youth, these guys have already achieved significant success in sports battles, all of them are winners of the youth championships in Europe and Russia. As for the total number of Krasnoyarsk wrestlers who will compete in the Russian national team, it will be somewhere in the region of fifteen people.

– In the previous tournament, the Krasnoyarsk wrestlers won three medals: Yulia Prontsevich and Israil Kasumov won gold, Viktor Lebedev won a bronze medal. And what is the medal forecast for the current Grand Prix: will our fellow countrymen be able to become one of the winners this time too?

– We are sure of this. We pin great hopes on our youth – on those wrestlers who will finish their performances in the youth category next year and move to the rank of adults. We are counting on each of these guys especially: we know that they are able to qualify well, make themselves known at this tournament. Naturally, we do not discount the more experienced wrestlers, for whom the performance at the Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix will not be the first. I think that the same Viktor Lebedev, for example, is quite capable of repeating his medal success and, possibly, becoming the owner of a more significant tournament award.

– Will the current “Ivan Yarygin” become more representative in terms of the number of foreign athletes, participating countries?

– I think that the number of athletes participating can only increase. The fact is that the last tournament “Ivan Yarygin” was held in the pre-Olympic period, on the eve of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Therefore, all the national teams – and along with Russia, it was, let me remind you, were the USA, Greece, Japan, Italy, Mongolia, Slovakia, Kazakhstan – tried to represent the coolest wrestlers. At that time, specific applicants came to Krasnoyarsk, the first numbers in the wrestling world, who were directly preparing for the Olympics. And the Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix was for them one of the most demanding stages before the Games. About three hundred athletes then took part in the tournament, but the forum at the Grand Prix was represented by real masters. Now the Olympic cycle is over, the Games are over, and one of the main tasks for the coaching staffs has become a practical test of new talents, young people who have waited for their responsible starts. Therefore, I believe that this time the number of participants in the International Tournament “Ivan Yarygin” will only increase: many will try to test their youth at these serious competitions.

– Previously, Krasnoyarsk traditionally hosted these tournaments at the largest sports arena of the city – in the Ivan Yarygin Sports Palace. Today, reconstruction work is underway. Is it possible, in your opinion, to adequately replace it with another sports complex – Football-Arena Enisey?

– The sports grounds of the “Football-Arena Yenisei” have already been tested by wrestlers in practice. As the tournament for the prizes of the twice Olympic champion Buvaysar Saytiev, which was also held in this sports complex, has shown, the facility meets all the conditions for holding wrestling competitions.

– Absolutely?

– One of the few drawbacks, perhaps, can only be called its limited capacity: “Football-Arena Enisey” can accommodate only about three thousand spectators. There are really fewer seats for such a large-scale tournament as the Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix in comparison with the Sports Palace. But otherwise, this sports arena has earned only commendable conclusions and reviews. I personally even liked the close proximity of the wrestling mats, on which the fights were held, and a kind of warm-up room, arranged for those who were yet to fight. The athletes preparing for their performances were aware of what was happening on the carpets. They did not have to move somewhere to track the fights on the monitors, everything was before their eyes. I am sure that it was very convenient for the wrestlers. And while discussing the proposal on whether to close the curtain, to drape the back of the sports complex so that the football pitch cannot be seen, we still refused this. And, I think, they did the right thing: the green grass of a well-groomed football field, in my opinion, only added color to the wrestling arena – colors, exoticism to a sports wrestling show.

I will add that the sports complex “Football-Arena Yenisey” has equipped locker rooms, everything necessary for athletes – there are comfortable conditions for wrestling matches. In short, I am sure that no one will regret that the tournament will be held here, at the already tested Football-Arena Enisey.

– Isn’t the distance of this sports facility from the city center an additional disadvantage?

– Almost all athletes who came to our tournament, as a rule, were accommodated in the immediate vicinity of the Rest Island, the Ivan Yarygin Sports Palace: in the left-bank hotel “Krasnoyarsk” and in the hotel “Amaks” on Predmostnaya Square. Many of them preferred to get to the place of the competition on foot, which was really quite affordable. Yes, now in this regard, some transport problems will arise for them, especially on weekdays. However, I am sure that these difficulties can be solved.

Yarygin tournaments, I will note this not without pride, we always take place at the highest level. In terms of their organization, they are not inferior to the world championships: there are no more beautiful and better competitions than ours.

The Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix is ​​characterized not only by the intensity of the fights, the fans’ emotions, but also by the spectacularity of the sporting event itself. I mean the procedure for the grand opening, the closing of the competition. And this amazing spectacle will remain this time. At the Buvaysar Saytiev tournament, the audience saw a bright, colorful, truly festive opening. And at the Grand Prix “Ivan Yarygin” the ceremony will also be spectacular and memorable. I will say more: we will try to make the Yaryginsky tournament more colorful, more colorful in a Siberian way.

– Viktor Petrovich, what role will you play at this tournament yourself?

– As the head coach of the Krasnoyarsk Territory team, I will prepare our wrestlers for fights, take athletes onto the carpet. There are no particular worries about this: I will have many assistants. Indeed, in our national team, each athlete also has a personal trainer, so everything must go smoothly, without any mistakes. And the main result, of course, will depend on the athletes themselves, their mood and determination.

Taking this opportunity and knowing the attitude of Krasnoyarsk compatriots to our sport, I want to appeal to the fans, ask them to come and become eyewitnesses of this beautiful sight. And, of course, they supported our fighters. Hot cheerleader support is very important, it inspires, inspires the guys, a special spirit appears in the wrestlers, the desire to accomplish the impossible, to gain the upper hand in a fight with any opponent. Therefore, I ask very much that my fellow countrymen support their athletes.

I would like to note, by the way, that after such tournaments, many parents bring their children to wrestling sections. I am sure that after this one this tradition will definitely repeat itself and the ranks of our wrestlers will be replenished with new boys, for whom wrestling will become their favorite sport.

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