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Yaryginsky tournament, however, as always, gathered a huge number of famous people. Olympic champions, heads of the Russian and European wrestling federations, famous coaches, functionaries and organizers. All of them watched the progress of the fights with interest. And many of them kindly agreed to express their opinion on the course of the competition.

Paul KIBLESH , the head of the US team

We are lucky, the head of the American delegation is not only a very sociable person, but also thanks to Russian roots speaks our language fluently.

How would you rate the results of the tournament for American athletes?

– I would rate it as quite good. We have one silver medal, and I can say that Brent Metcalfe really surprised everyone by reaching the final and defeating several top-level Russian wrestlers on the way to it. He was especially successful in the fight against the favorite of the competition Soslan Ramonov. It is a pity that in the decisive duel, Brent did not have enough experience and skill to win gold. I expected a little more from Olympic medalist Scott Coleman, but he got a very difficult grid, your Opan Sat exhausted him badly during their fight, and Scott lacked strength in the fight for bronze.

You arrived a few days before the start of the tournament, what did you learn from joint training with the Russians?

– Firstly, a huge experience. In Russia, wrestling is a lifelong task for an athlete. And we have a gigantic job to do to come close to you in terms of skill. But we are good students, because it was not for nothing that we won two medals at the last Olympics. Secondly, training with your athletes makes it clear to our wrestlers that your guys are not robots, but ordinary living people who can also be beaten. Brent Metcalfe’s success is largely due to these activities.

Natalya VOROBYOVA , 2012 Olympic champion, winner of the 2013 Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix

Natalya, your first victory in Krasnoyarsk, are you satisfied?

– Why, I couldn’t manage to win your tournament, and finally I did it. I smile and am happy.

Which of the rivals caused you the most problems?

– Of course, Ekaterina Burmistrova. As in the Olympics, the most difficult fight was with her. The others were also not easy, but my main rival is myself. After the Olympic Games, I rested for a long time, and now it’s hard enough to enter the competitive mode. There were two starts before Yarygin, but the level of the participants there was not high. And here’s the first real test. I promise that I will add more to the European Championship and will be in the best condition.

You are the only champion of London here, the main star of the tournament, all the fans and specialists were expecting only victory from you. Responsibility did not press?

– You know, no. The Olympics made me more mature. I understand that now the demand from me is not like the young Natasha Vorobyova. And as with the Olympic champion. I do my best not to disappoint the fans of the fight. And, as you can see, I’m doing pretty well.

You spent two weeks in Krasnoyarsk, what did you manage to see, or were there only trainings?

– Of course, we mainly trained, preparing. But sometimes we went to the cinema with the girls, watched movies, played slot machines, in general, relaxed. And I also took part in a holiday at school № 6. There my old friend teaches physical education, she asked me to come. Communication with children helps to relax, cleanses the soul. We ran, fooled around, played “Merry Starts”.

Good luck, Natasha, and see you again on the rugs of Krasnoyarsk!

– Thank you. I will be healthy and in good shape – I will definitely come next year to defend the title of champion.

Guzel MANYUROVA , Olympic champion in 2004, head coach of the women’s national team of Kazakhstan

Guzel is a unique woman. Having won the first gold in the history of women’s wrestling for Russia, she again ascended the Olympic pedestal in London, winning bronze under the flag of Kazakhstan. There, in London, Manyurova went down in history as the first athlete in history to take part in the Olympics as an athlete and as a coach at the same time.

Did you manage to complete the tasks for the tournament?

– I’m satisfied. There is gold, a few more girls performed well. But the main task was to compare how good we are compared to rivals in other countries. Steaming in your own juice is not an option; you must definitely meet on the carpet with representatives of different wrestling schools. And all our athletes have shown themselves worthy.

You left the carpet as an athlete forever, or do you have plans to return?

– I didn’t leave it, I’m at the Yarygin tournament I’m only a coach, and I’m fighting for Kazakhstan at the Asian Games, getting ready for Rio. If my health permits, I would very much like to perform at the Olympics in Brazil.

Who left the best impression in the women’s part of the competition, were there any sensations for you?

– The best – Vorobyova , this is not discussed. Mongolia has a strong national team. In general, the level of the tournament is not exorbitant, but it is very high and the victory in it is valuable. Well, the victory of Nadezhda Tretyakova became a sensation; few thought that she would be able to defeat an experienced and titled Mongolian woman. But Nadya fought to the end and deservedly won gold.

Natalya YARYGINA , member of the FILA bureau, President of the Board of Trustees of the Ivan Yarygin Charitable Foundation for Sports Support

– You were worried about the level of the competition, the tournament is post-Olympic, many of the strongest did not come. How would you rate the class of athletes, what impression did the matches on the mat make?
– They exceeded all my expectations. Even if only Vorobyova was the champion of London, but the fight shown by the participants, especially the winners and prize-winners, was of the highest class.

Please mark someone separately?

– Not I would like to do this. All the Russians who got on the podium are just great, our foreign guests also showed themselves. So we look forward to next year. I hope the 2014 tournament will be even better. The geography of the competition has expanded and, I am sure, will become even larger. And for Krasnoyark it is only for the good. In light of the upcoming choice of venue for the Universiade, it is very useful that the world will learn about your city, and only on the positive side, since the organization of the tournament is simply excellent.

Anna YARYGINA-LOKTEVA, General Director of the Board of Trustees of the Ivan Yarygin Charitable Foundation for Sports Support

Did anyone root for someone personally, Anna?

– I really like how Natalia Vorobyova shows herself on the carpet , she’s just clever, and worried about her. I am sure that more than one victory lies ahead of her. In general, the level of the women’s part of the competition was very pleasing. The girls wrestled spectacularly and emotionally.

Which of the male wrestlers would you single out?

– It’s very difficult. The competition among Russians is crazy, there are more than one or two stars in each weight. Therefore, I will simply say that our men are the best.

Have you played sports yourself?

– As a child, while still in Krasnoyarsk, I was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics with a wonderful coach Valentin Shevchuk. But after we moved to Moscow, I abandoned it. I also had athletics in my life, but rather for maintaining good shape and physical condition than for any results. Well, now I help my mother in the fund, including in organizing this tournament, and I work as a mother, because I have three kids.

Magomed GUSEYNOV , head coach of the Russian national freestyle team fight

Many of the strongest Russian wrestlers did not come to Krasnoyarsk, why?

– Two Olympians, Anzor Urishev and Abdusalam Gadisov, took part. The rest were given time to recover in order to enter the new Olympic cycle healthy and full of strength.

Whom can you celebrate?

– First of all – Artem Gebekov. He very confidently won the competition in the 55 kg category. In it, we have the Olympic champion Jamal Otarsultanov, and he himself will choose which of the two tournaments – the World Cup or the European Championship – he will participate in. But Gebekov will go to the other. I would like to note Aniuar Geduev, who won Magomed Nurasulov in the heaviest category, and in general all our winners and prize-winners are great.

Have you discovered new names?

– The guys are all in sight , therefore, it is very difficult to make a breakthrough for a previously unknown fighter. I was surprised how Opan Sat from Krasnoyarsk fought. Very confident and solid, without breakdowns, although he had very serious rivals.

Dmitry MINDIASHVILI , Honored Coach of Russia and Georgia

Satisfied with the performance of Krasnoyarsk citizens?

– In general, I’m satisfied. Two gold and silver, five third places – a good result. Somewhere one could complain about bad luck, only it and a second relaxation prevented Anna Polovneva from winning here three times in a row. In general, we showed the strength of the Krasnoyarsk struggle, but I am sure that the potential is not fully realized and the reserve is still huge.

What is the overall level of the tournament?

– Serious level, tough competition , there are no random people in the semifinals. The fact that so many Russian wrestlers compete ensures a level higher than at the world championships, since we have the best among five equals, and so all five candidates could compete for gold in the world.

What is the key to success in such tournaments? What is more important – physics, technique, tactics, psychological preparation?

– The one who works harder wins. He gives all of himself in training. The coach is obliged to bring his ward to the mat in the best possible state of mind. So that he was confident in himself, he went out and just tore an opponent. Excessive pumping is not needed, the wrestlers are already worried, worried, realizing the importance of certain competitions. We need to liberate the athlete so that he can show everything he is capable of.

Viktor ALEKSEEV , head coach of the Krasnoyarsk Territory national team

We are satisfied with the performance of the Krasnoyarsk fighters, Viktor Petrovich?

– I will say this, I am 70 percent satisfied. First of all, the fact that the fighters, from whom we expected victories and medals, achieved them. The feeling of dissatisfaction left the performance of the nearest reserve. The guys who performed for the first time were too shy. Behaved tightly, and the carpet does not forgive. I can cite Ilyas Bekbulatov as an example to our young athletes – he just graduated from juniors, and how he fights with rivals superior in experience! It is no coincidence that it was he who won the 66 kg category, although initially he was not among the favorites.

And besides Bekbulatov, who else is remembered, whom would you single out?

– Of course ours, Krasnoyarsk. Opan Sat performed very consistently and deservedly won over all rivals. Anzor Urishev won solidly, leaving no chance for his opponents. I remember Artyom Gebekov, the young wrestler showed a very decent level, although quite recently he had not fought with adult men. And he performed for young men.

Nazir MANKIEV , Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling

– The Yarygin Tournament is a holiday. And for everyone: for the athletes themselves, coaches, spectators, judges and us, guests of the competition. I am happy to communicate with my friends, acquaintances from Russia and abroad.

Who do you remember especially, whose struggle would you highlight?

– Of course, number one is Natalia Vorobyova. I am sure that if she maintains her enthusiasm, she will add from competition to competition. She is capable of winning the Olympics more than once. There are a lot of worthy wrestlers among men: Bekbulatov, Urishev, Sat and many others, the competition is crazy, but it only benefits.

Opan Sat , winner of the Grand Prix “Ivan Yarygin ”

– The hardest tournament. All opponents are very worthy. I am glad that I managed to show my best qualities and win. The final was incredibly difficult. Alexander Bogomoev is a born fighter, he always goes to the end. It was impossible to relax for a second. It’s good that I didn’t allow myself to do this and managed to defeat him. By the way, I managed to take revenge from him for the defeat at one of the international tournaments. I want to say thank you to the organizer for the highest level of the competition, to my coaches. And also to our fantastic fans.

, Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling

– This is the first tournament after the Olympics. Always in such a situation, one of the young comes to replace the next Olympic cycle. And this tournament is a great opportunity to test the guys in business against the most dangerous opponents. I will not single out anyone personally, I can only say that I was pleasantly surprised by the level of the tournament, in which, for objective reasons, all the strongest do not compete. Young people are stepping on the heels of our well-deserved world and Olympic champions. But only time and hard work can help young wrestlers become real stars and winners.

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