Without a single blot

The European Nations Wrestling Cup was held in Moscow. Krasnoyarsk players were represented in all national teams and performed brilliantly, having won all their fights.

Previously, the European Nations Cup (more clearly, the European Team Cup) was considered a semi-official tournament. More like a show than a serious sports battle. However, the level of the tournament grew steadily. At the current one, for example, the national teams included the winners and prize-winners of the Olympic Games. And starting next season, the European Cup will be included in the official FILA calendar.

Women’s teams opened the program of this tournament. The Krasnoyarsk Territory was represented in the Russian national team by Elena Vostrikova (48 kg). In the first match, Russia beat Sweden dry –7: 0, and Vostrikova won her fight quite convincingly. In the struggle for reaching the final, Russia lost in a stubborn struggle to Azerbaijan, but the Krasnoyarsk wrestler did not take part in this match. But she fought for the third place against Poland. Having earned a point in each period, Vostrikova won her fight with Anna Lukasiak and set the tone for the battle for bronze. As a result, the Russians won very convincingly – 5: 2.

The Russian national freestyle wrestling team won its tournament. In the first match, Ukraine fell under her pressure (without the participation of Krasnoyarsk athletes) – 5: 2. In the second, the Bulgarians were smashed – 7: 0. Opan Sat and Yuri Belonovsky contributed to the dry win. Only Sat took part in the final with the Turks. He finished with Recep Aktash, as they say, without even breaking a sweat. From the outside it is unusually easy. Well, the entire Russian team fought with dignity: victory with a score of 5: 2.

The largest Krasnoyarsk representation was in the Greco-Roman wrestling team. There is probably no need to directly link these two facts, but nevertheless it was the Russian classics who performed the most convincingly and vividly. In the group stage: Bulgaria – 6: 1, Hungary – 5: 2. And in the final, the most authoritative national team of Azerbaijan was completely crushed dry.

In the weight category of 55 kg, the Krasnoyarsk Territory was represented by Bekkhan Mankiev. He was announced for the match with the Hungarians, but he won the victory without a fight: the rivals did not put an athlete in this category. Obviously, missing a big cause, in the final the Krasnoyarsk was putting out Orkhan Akhmedov.

Bronze medalist of the Games in London Mingiyan Semyonov tries himself in the heavier category (60 kg). While not everything turns out, Mingiyan himself is well aware that he still needs to gain power. But everything went well in Moscow. Two fights – two wins, including the final.

Adam Kurak (66 kg) took part in the victory over Bulgaria and had no problems in his fight. Konstantin Shipaev (74 kg) won his fight against a Hungarian. Finally, Nikita Melnikov competed in the 96 kg category. There were no rivals equal to him in class either in Hungary or in Azerbaijan. Nikita fought with a huge reserve, spending as much strength as necessary to win.

Thus, the Krasnoyarsk wrestlers of all styles won absolutely all their fights at the European Nations Cup. Impressive form at the start of the new season. Of course, in the future it will not do without defeats, but we wish Krasnoyarsk athletes to have this only in the finals.

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